‘Hamilton' Parody Pays Tribute to Cuban Bakeries in Hialeah

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Maybe you’ve heard of "Jamónton," the Cuban parody of the Broadway musical, "Hamilton."

Hialeah native and creator Eddie Mujica is now back with a third part to the "Hamilton" parodies. But instead of debating the roots of the Cuban sandwich, you meet the founding mothers of Cuban pastries, The Bakery Sisters -- a play on the Schuyler Sisters in Lin Manuel Miranda's production.

Mujica spoke to NBC 6 anchor Sheli Muñiz from his home in Los Angeles about his inspiration to start the parody series.

"'Hamilton' sounds so close to jamón," Mujica said. "And being Cuban and having Cuban sandwiches, and I was like, there's something there."

The lyrics to his “Jamónton” included, “Gotta do it a la plancha toasted on a sandwich press [...] pairing up the sandwich with chips made from plantains.” The video, which has been seen tens of thousands of times, first came out just as "Hamilton" was being released on Disney+ over the summer.

“I was like, now it's time to bring in the women," Mujica said of his most recent parody. "Let's have the women’s voice and the natural fit was the (Schuyler) sisters, but let’s make them the Bakery Sisters and take three of the most famous bakeries in Hialeah that I grew up around."

To the tune of "The Schuyler Sisters," Mujica sings about cafecitos and pastelitos de guayaba y queso, and each sister is named after local bakeries La Nueva Fe, Vicky’s Bakery and Barbie Bakery.

Lyrics include, “And after you've had a taste, you’ll be shouting out, ‘Ay, que rico!'"

You can check out the videos and YouTube and Instagram.

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