Man Accused of Stealing $185K From Elderly Woman: Police

The Surfside Police Department arrested Mathew Migdal for allegedly stealing more than $185,000 from an elderly woman.

According to court documents, the thefts took place between 2009 and 2012 when Migdal was hired as a handyman for the woman.

According to police, the woman's daughter said she noticed discrepancies in her mother's finances, and began looking for her mother’s checkbooks to explain the large withdrawals.

She found some of her mother's checkbooks were missing, others had pages torn out, while some carbon copies appeared to be altered. Additionally, some checks did not have a corresponding memo in the subject line of the checks.

The trail led to Migdal. Court document show he had invoices that were unaccounted for, in addition to thousands of dollars that did not match up to the amount he claimed to have charged.

Migdal faces two felony charges in the case for allegedly over-billing the woman and not completing most of his work, according to police.

The City of Surfside confirmed that no permit was ever distributed to Migdal to perform work on the woman's home.

It is unknown whether Migdal has an attorney.

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