Heat Face Long Odds in NBA Draft Lottery

The Heat have a tiny chance of landing a top five pick in Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery

The Miami Heat will have a minuscule chance of coming away with a top five selection in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday.

With the 14th best record in the league, Miami has the worst odds of any team in the lottery. While possible, it is unlikely that the Heat lands in a coveted spot. Miami has only a 0.5% chance of getting the first overall pick. In terms of picking among the first five teams, Miami has only a 1.8% chance.

Miami's second-half was exciting for the team and the fans, but it ultimately cost the team in terms of draft position. When the Heat sat at 11-30, they appeared to be positioned for one of the top picks. By just missing the postseason, Miami ended up with the best record among the lottery teams.

Looking for a little luck, Miami is sending Alonzo Mourning to the lottery as the team representative. Each team in the lottery is represented and often brings some type of good luck charm. Mourning has been at the lottery for Miami before, when the team remained in the tenth position. Justise Winslow was

The 2017 NBA Draft will take place on June 22nd, with Miami looking to add to a young talented roster. Even if the Heat remain in the 14th position, they should be able to find a good piece in the draft. Miami does not have a second round pick in this year's draft.

Miami did not have a pick in the draft last year and currently does not own a selection in 2018. Due to a series of trades over recent years, the Heat could find themselves shorthanded in the draft through 2021.

The Draft Lottery will begin on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

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