Herald Hacks Miffed Over Layoffs

They may have to take it, but they don't have to like it.

A day after the announcement of massive cuts of 175 employees at the Herald, reporters are looking for a little revenge, and they've got their sights set on some top editors deemed dead weight.

According to The Daily Pulp, about 35-40 reporters are getting pink slips and about 15 are being reduced to part-time without benefits. And most want to see at least one or two assistant managing editors get the axe.

"The anger is a little more acute now" a Herald reporter told The Daily Pulp. "The gangrene has set in and we're now chopping off extremities. We're going to have to wait and see how much of the rotten fruit on the top branches is cut off as opposed to trimming the roots."

Daily Pulp commenters weren't any easier on top level staff. Commenter Probably get laid off if I put my name wrote :

"Hopefully, we can trim some of the useless managerial staff that do nothing at the paper but sit in meetings all day. Alvarez, Hirsch, the myriad unnecessary photo editors = waste of thousands. For every one of these we cut we can afford to keep on four people that actually do something more. There are way too many managers in the newsroom, not enough do-ers."

And RIP Herald wrote: "...about half the people in the newsroom do not do anything. They just eat up salary and climb the corporate ladder."

Any staff member "lucky" enough to survive the cuts will have their pay cut by five or ten percent and have a week-long unpaid vacation.

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