He's Not Speeding, He's My Brotha

Senate Dem Leader Al Lawson thinks his cause is important enough to grace your Rav 4

Manatees, un-aborted children, and soon, quite possibly, Jesus: these days Florida drivers can support practically any cause via their bumper.

Add Al Lawson to that list.

Who’s Al Lawson and why would I want to display his mug on my car? you might ask. Well, he’s the state’s Senate Democratic Leader, that’s who.

But not only would the plate feature Lawson’s image, but also, according to Naked Politics, the slogan “Can a Brotha get a Break?” (We’re hoping there’s a “Sista” option as well.)

The proceeds of the plate would go to the State Employees Relief Fund "for the purpose of offsetting salary and benefit cuts by the Legislature and providing grief counseling."

The plate comes on the heels of a press conference Lawson held to urge Governor Crist to veto any budget that includes pay cuts for state workers -- a proposal by the Republican-led House and Senate.

The new plate would join over 100 specialty plates – ranging from the Heat to the Large Mouth Bass – already available.

Salaries may go down, but we hope prison occupancy is up.


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