“Heterosexual Pride Day” Has Social Media On Fire Trying to Figure Out Its Purpose

What to Know

  • While Gay Pride Month is in full effect, "Heterosexual Pride Day" has social media buzzing and plenty of people wondering what exactly it is

While cities and states across America have been celebrating Gay Pride month throughout June, some members of the heterosexual community are celebrating their own day that many people didn’t even know about.

June 29th is being celebrated by some straight males and females as “Heterosexual Pride Day”. It has included marches and other events by those who say they want “equality” when it comes to sexuality and holidays.

As can be imagined, the trending hashtag on social media has been met with quite the backlash from those who say that the point of Gay Pride Month is to remember the struggle for equality and respect, something they say straight people haven’t had to deal with:

Gay Pride Month was first declared by President Bill Clinton in June of 2000. It has been since been declared each year of President Barack Obama’s administration.

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