Hialeah Announces New Measures to Try to Stop Illegal Dumping

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The city of Hialeah is ramping up surveillance to try to prevent illegal dumping, which officials say is a problem that's costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up.

City officials say the main problem areas filled with trash are along 107th Avenue and near construction sites on Northwest 170th Street.

Mayor Steve Bovo announced Monday that the city's adding surveillance and other resources to try to catch the illegal dumpers.

"We’re going to be reviewing our fine structure and look at other alternatives so we could try to persuade people not to do this anymore in our area," Bovo said. "Understand, for the residents of Hialeah the cost involved. This is critical, this is the difference between adding some police officers, paying for summer programs, other services that our residents have asked for."

Fines for dumping could be up to $250, and depending on how big the pile of trash that's dumped, there could be criminal charges.

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