South Florida

High Levels of Fecal Matter Prompt Swimming Advisories at South Florida Beaches

Three South Florida beaches are under an advisory after the health department said the water tested positive for high levels of fecal matter.

The beaches impacted include Golden and Crandon beaches.

One group of friends traveled from across the country to be able to spend the weekend at the beach.

“I’m from Phoenix. I want the water. I have no beach. I have sand, hot sand!” said one tourist.

Workers are at the parks with signs to warn visitors when they arrive.

NBC6 Investigators went through water reports and found that health officials have found poor water samples at Crandon South six times. Nine poor water samples were found at Crandon North. Both reports were in the last year alone.

Officials say the bacteria comes from storm water runoff, wildlife, human sewage and pets.

The advisories are said to be in effect through the weekend. 

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