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High Pressure To Keep South Florida Warm, Rain Free Week Between Christmas, New Year

This pattern continues right through Christmas weekend with morning temperatures in the low to mid-60s

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As we head into the week between Christmas and New Year's, high pressure continues to control the weather in Florida, keeping skies mainly clear and keeping rain away. But gradually due to the absence of cold fronts, we will start to see temperatures climb just a bit, especially at night, and humidity will be boosted as well. 

As we go towards the middle and latter portion of this last week of the year, temperature in the mid-60s, afternoon highs not far from 80, but again, the humidity is still in check.

It's still low, so it feels comfortable here on Sunday. Monday's high near 80 degrees. 

Starting on Tuesday and definitely transitioning into Wednesday and Thursday we will see more humidity in the air.

Those nighttime, low temperatures hardly dipping below 70 degrees. And then as we get into New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, the weather will be warm, humid, but it looks like it will be rain free.

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