Hollywood Beach Gets Margarita Makeover

The Hollywood City Commission chooses Parrotheads over Movie stars

Wastin' away again in...Hollywood Beach?

Jimmy Buffet's island-themed restaurant Margaritaville has been chosen over Planet Hollywood by the Hollywood city commission to open up shop along the broadwalk.

"Whatever draws a crowd, makes business, is fine with me," said one Hollywood Beach regular last night, as the announcement was made.

"I'd rather see the beach stay without commercialization, personally," said another.

The site of the new Margaritaville will be just south of Johnson street, across the beach from the broadwalk. The city commission believes it will be a big draw and create more redevelopment in the future.

"I guess if it's good for tourism, and the people that enjoy that kind of stuff," said John Ricci, who often performs at the Hollywood Beach Theatre. "But I thought they did a good job with the park."

People who feel an attachment to Hollywood Beach are a bit skeptical of the news. People like Ken and Deb Golden who met there twenty-five years ago.

"I loved the beach the way it was, like 25 years ago" said Deb Golden. "So the more built up it gets, I don't know."

The City of Hollywood is only now beginning negotiations with Margaritaville, so it may be a while before all the parrotheads come to town. But the good news for anyone who enjoys Hollywood Beach, is that the new development will also include a renovation of the band-shell.

And in just a few weeks, a new trolley service will start. It will take passengers between the beach and downtown Hollywood. 

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