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Hollywood Neighborhood Braces for King Tides Days After Flooding from Eta

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For nearly a week, South Florida neighborhoods have had to deal with flooding caused by Tropical Storm Eta. But, now one Broward neighborhood says another yearly flooding event is a new cause for concern Saturday evening.

Laurie Kabbaby lives off 14th Avenue in Hollywood Beach. Flooding from Eta kept her trapped inside her home for nearly the entire week. The water, Kabbaby says, was almost a foot deep.

However, at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Kabbaby and her neighbors are bracing for king tides, which they say bring the most flooding to their neighborhood.

Hollywood Beach is expected to see tides reach anywhere between 2.87 to 3.11 feet.

King tides occur when the sun, moon and earth are aligned. When the moon is in close proximity with the earth, there is a stronger gravitational pull on the ocean, causing the tides to be higher than usual.

Earlier this week, sewage spilled onto the streets of Hollywood as a result of Eta. Sewage systems in six Broward County cities became overwhelmed.

Kabbaby and other neighbors are hoping tonight's king tides do not bring the same harm.

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