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Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar in Davie: Police

An off-duty Miramar Police officer shot and killed a burglar who was trying to break into the officer's Davie home early Wednesday, authorities said.

The incident happened in the 6200 block of Gauntlet Hall Lane shortly after 6 a.m., Davie Police said.

According to Broward Police Benevolent Association president Jeff Marano, the officer was woken up by the sound of broken glass. He confronted the burglar outside the home and that's when the shooting happened, Marano said.

The officer, 39-year-old Tait Thomas, told authorities he feared for his life and was forced to fire. No one else was injured.

Police said there was an attempted burglary at another home a few blocks away moments before the shooting.

The victim of the first burglary, Pat Goodson, said she heard someone trying to open the screen door of her back patio.

"He couldn't get it open so he cut the screen, put his hand in and unlocked it," Goodson said. "So at that point I got up because I have a sensor light, a big one."

It's unknown if the burglaries are connected.

The name of the suspect wasn't released. Officials said they had been investigating other burglaries in the area.

Thomas has been with the Miramar Police Department since 2007. Police said it appears to be self-defense but the shooting remains under investigation.

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