Grab a Bentley From the Vending Machine, Will You?

New SoBe hotel The Mondrian offers items up to $1.2 million, automat style

The next time the front desk at your hotel asks if you'd rather be close to the elevator or the vending machines, opt for the latter.

Especially if you're staying at The Mondrian, a new-ish South Beach hotel designed by Marcel Wanders that has already become one of the beach's see-and-be-seen spots.

The Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired boutique hotel has opted for a "Semi-Automatic" rather than the traditional gift shop. In the giant purple rectangle are items ranging from $10 to $1.2 million -- everything from a toothbrush to a Bentley Azure convertible. (Wait -- $10 for a toothbrush?)

Whether the machine is a product of the recession or a publicity stunt, we're not sure.

Given that it's South Beach, it's probably a little bit of both.

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