Horse May Go From Slaughter House to Hollywood

South Florida horse found on death's door in running for movie

He's had time to mend his wounds and recover from his dreadful condition and now the South Florida horse who was at death's door may soon be heading to Hollywood.

Freedom's Flight was found on the precipice of death last spring by police in Miami-Dade County. His flesh rotting, a broken leg, open sores and full of disease, the horse could barely stand when he was rescued from his owner.

The horse's new owner believes Freedom's Flight was on the verge of being slaughtered.

"Freedom's Flight most certainly would have been sold for horsemeat and served on someone's dinner table. Absolutely," said Richard Couto, a member of the South Florida SPCA, and the man who took the horse in.

Freedom's Flight has become the poster horse for the flight against butchering horses for their meat, the reason behind the horrific string of 20 horse slaughters throughout South Florida.

But now, healthier than ever, Freedom's Flight is ready for his shot at the silver screen in a role he may have been born to play.

Couto, along with the SPCA, has been campaigning for Freedom's Flight to portray Secretariat in an upcoming Disney film about the famous racehorse, which was Freedom Flight's great-great grandfather.

Couto thinks his wonder horse would be perfect.

"Taking a horse that could barely walk and could barely hold his head up, and seeing what we saw today, it just shows you what a little bit of love and a little bit of food and a little bit of therapy can do for an injured horse," Couto said.

Police are still searching for the people responsible for the horse slaughterings. The reward for information leading to a capture is up to $22,000.

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