South Florida

Hot, Humid Temperatures in South Florida as Rain Chances Increase in the Afternoon

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If you are planning on heading to the beach this Sunday, the earlier you go the better.

Sunday will be very similar to Saturday, but with afternoon rain coverage just a notch lower, down to 40% versus the 50% we experienced Saturday afternoon.

It is still warm and very humid with feels-like temperatures up around 100° later today.

There could be a few isolated storms this morning coming in from the west, but the best rain chances still look to be mid and late afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday will continue to be unsettled with possible rain at any time each day, but a drier trend begins to slowly work in by late week as we have our first round of the Saharan Air Layer infiltrate the area.

If this dust does what the models think it will, it dries out the atmosphere and makes rain tough to come by as we approach the weekend.

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