How to Spruce Up Your Online Dating Profile in Time for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but you may not have someone to celebrate the holiday with.

If you’re using dating apps like Tinder, Hinge or Bumble, you may find that it’s difficult to score a date.

We sat down with Kelly Saks, the Community and Marketing Manager for Bumble and she gave us some great tips on how to take your dating profile from drab to fab.

Tip One: Make Your Profile Photo Stand Out

Showing off your smile, your eyes (without sunglasses) and your whole face (without an animal filter) make a great first impressive. Also, make sure it’s only  you in the first photo. While it’s great to include photos with your friends, you want your potential matches to know who it is they’ll be swiping right on when they land on your profile.

Tip Two: Keep Your Highlight Reel Real

Your pictures are about showing moments from your actual life. If you’re adventurous, show that off by using that photo of you skydiving. If your dog is the center of your world, include a snap of you and the pup.

Tip Three: Less Is Not More
Leaving your profile blank is not a good idea. It’s your opportunity to show off your amazing sense of humor and let your next potential match the chance to get to know a little about you. Everyone loves a funny, unique profile. For those looking for a date, asking a question in your profile that someone can answer as their first message to you is always a good idea.

Tip Four: Show Yourself Off

Give specific examples that show your matches what sets you apart. Lots of people are fun, outgoing and love to travel. If you love to cook, what’s your favorite dish to make? What’s your favorite spot on a Saturday night?

Tip Five: Ask a Trusted BFF for Advice

Sometimes we can be our own worst critics. Asking a friend can help you see things you might have missed. Ask them how they might describe you, or the things about you that stand out the most. Even have them look at your camera roll or social media pages and have them pick out some great photos.

While the listed changes are small, they could make the biggest impact. Happy swiping!

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