Jury Convicts Opa-locka Officer for False Imprisonment

Former Opa-locka Police Officer German Bosque has been convicted on charges of false imprisonment and tampering with a witness. However, Bosque was found not guilty on a charge of battery.

Bosque, 50, faced the trial over illegally handcuffing and detaining a man at the Opa-locka Police station after the man tried to file a complaint.

The man attempted to file the complaint on Aug. 3, 2011, after Bosque allegedly punched him while responding to a domestic call, authorities said. The man was held against his will and not allowed to file the complaint, authorities said.

Bosque said he was “disappointed” and “very surprised” by the jury’s guilty verdict.

“I know that when officers get arrested, from experience, it’s because they do something off the reservation. And in this case, I responded to a call and I made a decision and consequences from that was that I got arrested and really shocked me,” Bosque said. “You know if you make a bad decision you should get written up, suspended, terminated. But, as it’s happened to me in the past and I’ve been able to fight for that. But to get arrested for making a decision...”

Bosque was fired by Opa-locka Police in October 2012.

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