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Key Largo Man Arrested for Impersonating Officer: Police

Claude Francis Tristram is charged with false impersonation of a police officer.

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Monroe County Sheriff's Office has arrested a Key Largo man for allegedly impersonating a New York state trooper to try to get his ex-girlfriend arrested.

The case started back in March when Claude Francis Tristram's ex-girlfriend said the suspect was violating a court-ordered injunction she placed against him to not contact her.

Investigators found that 37-year-old Tristram violated the order because he was actively reaching out to his ex-girlfriend through calls and texts, and he even mailed her USB devices.

Claude Francis Tristram

Later in March, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office received a call through its non-emergency line from someone who claimed to be an off-duty New York state trooper. He reported a potentially intoxicated driver that was driving recklessly.

Officials responded to the call and stopped the vehicle that the supposed trooper had called in. The driver, who was Tristram's ex-girlfriend, was not driving under the influence.

According to arrest records, the man behind the phone call was Tristram, who used a phone app that blocked his contact number, allowing him to make anonymous calls.

After investigating, Monroe officials obtained the records from the company that owns the app and contacted New York State Police to see if Tristan was an off-duty officer as he had claimed.

New York Police said they did not have a trooper named Tristram.

Police then obtained warrants for Tristram's arrest and they arrested him on Monday.

He is charged with false impersonation of a police officer.

According to arrest records, he had been previously arrested in 2021 for battery and contempt of court.

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