Keys Police Seek Information on Two Men Who Vanished 1 Year Ago

Police in the Florida Keys are searching for two men who went missing one year ago from the same marina.

Albert Bosco, 71, and Paul Thomas Murray, 46, both vanished without a trace at separate times from Boot Key Harbor, which is located in Marathon. Both men, who lived on boats at the marina, disappeared in June 2016.

Monroe Sheriff’s Office detectives said Murray had plans to help a man named Donny Vanaria move his sailboat from Stock Island to Boot Key Harbor. The sailboat was found but no one was on board. Vanaria allegedly skipped town and detectives said they have not been able to find him to question him about what happened to Murray.

Bosco was reported missing in September, but his family believes he vanished in June. His boat was found, but police said there were no signs of struggle on board.

Detectives say they have no idea what may have happened to both men. They are asking the public for help finding Bosco and Murray.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of either men, please call Major Crimes Detective Bob Dosh at 305-289-2351.

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