Law Would Ban Styrofoam at Miami Beach Parks, Sidewalk Cafes

A proposed law would ban Styrofoam cups and boxes from Miami Beach parks and sidewalk cafes.

Styrofoam "is neither readily recyclable nor biodegradable and takes hundreds to thousands of years to degrade in the environment," the law states, according to the Miami Herald.

The ordinance, which was tentatively approved by the Miami Beach City Commission last week, would force some restaurants to change how they serve customers.

Styrofoam is already banned on Miami Beach beaches. Commissioners will vote on the ordinance on July 23 and if passed, it will become law.

"It's terrible for the environment, it blows around the city, it breaks up, the chemicals are harmful, the wildlife and our fish … eat these things, and it’s time to get with the program," Michael Grieco, who sponsored the ban, told the Herald.

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