Lawmakers Catch the Twitter Bug

Up in Tallahassee, House and Senate members are learning the art of the tweet

CNN’s Rick Sanchez does it. Shaq does it. Even we do it.

Now state lawmakers are doing it: Twittering. 

Folks up in Tallahassee have finally figured out that the social networking site Twitter, which allows them to send instant message updates to their “followers,” is a great way to stay connected to constituents, especially considering a recent poll reporting that people ages 45 to 55 are more likely to send out Twitter updates than any other age group.

Minutes after Representative Scott Plakon passed legislation through a House committee, he logged onto Twitter to spread the word.

“It's becoming more common to see lawmakers staring at their cell phone screens while state laws are being discussed,” said Tallahassee reporter Whitney Ray.

308 people are following State Senator Dave Aronberg -- a recent tweet from him compares the state's budget deficit to Friday the 13th – and Training sessions are now being held so lobbyists can join in the online discussion.

“This is a people oriented business,” said Aronberg, “and I keep in touch with my constituents at all times. I want them to know what goes on up here."


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