Liberty City Boy Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: MFR

A father and son were taken to the hospital after a generator caused a carbon monoxide leak inside their Liberty City home, Miami Fire Rescue says.

Officials say the boy and his father were sleeping inside their duplex at 1123 Northwest 51st Street. For unknown reasons, the father woke from his sleep and found his son, 12-year-old Steven Simon, upstairs unresponsive. The frantic father immediately called 9-1-1. 

Crews found the father at the front door where he could barely walk. Firefighters found Steven in an upstairs bedroom and carried the boy downstairs.

The boy was treated with oxygen and slowly began to come to. Both father and son were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in serious condition. Both are expected to be OK.

According to MFR,  the lower portion of the house was under construction, and the father was using a generator as the house did not have power. It is not known how long the generator had been running, or just how much carbon monoxide the two inhaled.

Officials have ruled it an accident and do not plan to file any charges or investigate any further.

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