Local Agencies Launch New Initiative to Fight Crimes Against Kids

More than 100 children and teens in Miami-Dade County have been killed by gun violence in the last three years. Now, several agencies are teaming up to help find their killers.

"When we don't get to all of them and they pick up guns and they commit senseless acts of violence, children like this suffer," said Juan Perez with Miami-Dade Police.

Children are at the center of a new multi-agency initiative called Crime Stoppers Kids. It's designed to help track down those who commit crimes against children.

"We're not gonna take it anymore. We're gonna put our money where our mouth is, and we're gonna find you," Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said.

The reward for a regular Crime Stoppers tip that leads to an arrest is usually $3,000, but from now on, if the tip is for a child-related crime in Miami-Dade, you may be eligible for up to $20,000.

"We will never ask anyone their name, any of their personal information, and they will remain, I guarantee you, anonymous," said Richard Masten with Crime Stoppers.

A group of women who lost their children to gun violence also stood together, thanking the organizations for creating this new fund. They said Crime Stoppers has brought closure to many of their cases.

"I am very grateful for that because without ya'll and tips, it wouldn't have happened," said Regina Talbert, who lost her daugher to gun violence.

"You have to speak up, and it's a shame that it comes to this today to get you to talk," said Tangela Sears, who also lost a child to gun violence.

The agencies are also encouraging residents to donate to the new fund.

If you have information about a child-related crime, the number to call in Miami-Dade is (305) 471-TIPS.

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