Local Author Pens ‘Miami Creation Myth,' Telling Mystical Tale of ‘Magic City'

A local author has penned a fantastical tale that explores his vison of the "Magic City" and how it came to be: "The Miami Creation Myth."

Author and environmentalist Andrew Otazo sat down with NBC 6's Amanda Plasencia over cafecitos to talk about the book, a self-described "culturo-cosmic adventure" that gives Miami a legendary saga. 

“It’s just an exploration into as many facets of Miami that I could possibly think of,” said Otazo.

Otazo uses Greek mythology through the lens of living in South Florida to create fantastical stories and characters like Achepe, the God of Chisme, or gossip, and Pachango, the Creator or the Universe. The hyperbolic surrealism is all based on Otazo’s experience growing up Cuban in the 305.

“I’ve been writing for 15 years now and I found myself gravitating towards Miami-related stories because I grew up here and there’s such a cultural richness here. There’s so much to delve into in Miami,” said Otazo.

“And every great civilization has their own creation myth and old stories that they tell each other that reflects back upon that society. So I thought I might as well take a shot to give Miami it’s own series of myths.”

The story goes over the top exploring themes like “Where do croquetas come from?” to the almighty “chancleta.”

“There’s all sorts of crazy stuff. There are literal construction cranes. So giant 200 foot tall birds that stomp around neighborhoods and completely flatten them,” says Otazo.

“There’s a venture into Greenlandia which is the land across the chasm into Broward County.”

The stage adaptation of the first chapter was performed at two sold-out shows at Villain Theater and more chapters are expected to be performed in the future.

“Pachango the Creator is my creator God. He wakes up on the divine "pin pan pun" and tries to create the sun. His mother in typical Cuban fashion busts down the door to the universe and says I don’t own the electricity company, turn off that light right now,” said Otazo.

Otazo, who also goes by the pen name Bobby Foster, creates memes and has a free e-book available which is a collection of essays and articles about the Miami experience.

For more information on The Miami Creation Myth click here.

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