Local Nonprofits Face Uncertainty Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

NBC Universal, Inc.

The economic uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus crisis is directly impacting organizations that normally work to improve lives without focusing on financial gains.

Nonprofits mostly operate by money raised at big fundraisers, which are now in jeopardy because large gatherings are not permitted or encouraged. The pandemic is bringing uncertainty to the bottom line of these organizations. 

“These are challenging times. I don’t think anyone saw this coming,” said Chelsea Wilkerson, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida. She said the future is uncertain.

Other organizations are echoing the same concerns. 

The Miami Foundation has been working to enhance quality of life for the community for more than five decades. That organization partners with many nonprofits and truly understands the scope of this issue. 

“They don’t have money coming in and need those funds to survive and support community,” said Lindsey Linzer, the Senior Director of Programs and Grants Administration. 

The big issue is with uncertainty. These organizations have no idea how long the toll brought on by COVID-19 will last. 

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