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Local Organizations Continue Helping Bahamas 6 Months After Dorian

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Several organizations, including Food for the Poor, have been sending items such as generators, water, food, and so much more to the Bahamas for months after the country was hit by Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamian Senator Katherine Smith said they are grateful for the help, and but the road to recovery will be a long one.

“This hurricane was different,” Smith said.

Hurricane Dorian hit Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas and just sat there for hours, destroying homes.

“People were scared," said Smith. “As you talk to your family and friends in the community, people thought they were going to die.”

Smith said in the past six months, organizations like Food for the Poor have come to help with immediate relief.

“I think people are starting to see some hope,” Smith said.

“I was sitting there in the morning and I’m saying this is going to absolutely destroy the Bahamas,” said Ed Raine, CEO of Food for the Poor.

He worked to get more than two dozen organizations in South Florida together to help Grand Bahama and Abaco rebuild.

So far, dozens of containers full of building supplies have gone to the Bahamas, to help homeowners.

“One of the most important commandments is to love thy neighbor. These literally are our neighbors in the Bahamas. But, this is what we do,” Raine said.

“It’s a long journey,” said Smith. “It’s definitely not a sprint. But, I believe unity is what we need in this rebuilding effort.”

Smith said rebuilding could take at least another 18 months, and the help so far has gone a long way.

“If it weren’t for the international community, I don’t think we would have been far enough in our rebuilding and recovery process,” Smith said.

The work continues. Over the next few weeks, about 30 more large containers full of supplies will go to the island.

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