Man and Woman Robbed and Kidnapped Craigslist iPhone Seller: Sunrise Police

A man and woman are facing charges after Sunrise Police say they robbed and briefly kidnapped a man after meeting him to buy an iPhone through Craigslist.

Clarissa Noel Menken, 26, and Neil John Heckart, 29, were arrested after the incident, which began when they agreed to meet the man who was selling the iPhone for $500, a Sunrise Police arrest report said.

According to the report, the pair met the man at a Target parking lot Monday but tried to take off with it in their car. The victim jumped partly into the car through the passenger window as Heckart, who was behind the wheel, drove off.

Heckart tried to run the victim's legs into parked cars then grabbed a knife and told the victim he was going to kill him, the report said. The victim held Heckart's wrist to avoid being stabbed.

The car crashed into a tree nearby and Heckart slashed the victim's hand and leg, the report said. The victim was able to get out of the car, which sped off.

A Good Samaritan picked up the victim and followed the car. Heckart and Menken abandoned the car and fled on foot into a neighborhood but were caught after police used a K-9 officer to track them down, the report said.

The victim was later treated at Westside Regional Hospital for lacerations on his hand.

Menken and Heckart were charged with robbery with a weapon and kidnapping. Heckart was also charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm. Both were being held without bond Tuesday and it was unknown whether they have attorneys.

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