Man Attacks Elderly Person at Laundromat for Using “His” Dryer

Kenneth Wood was arrested for attacking a 75-year-old man for using "his" dryer at a Laundromat.

A Fort Myers man was arrested on Wednesday after police said he attacked an elderly man at a coin laundry in Lee County.

Kenneth Wood allegedly approached an elderly couple who were washing their clothes at a coin laundry when he told them not to use “his” dryer, the Sun Sentinel reports.

According to Lee County Sheriff's Office, that made the elderly man angry. After a verbal argument,  Wood then pushed the senior to the ground and began to kick him several times. Wood also smashed the 75-year-old’s cell phone so he couldn't call 911, police said.

Wood fled the scene and was later arrested after Crime Stoppers tips were received.

He is in custody and faces charges of a battery on a person 65 years old of age or older and property damage.

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