Man Bumrushed Car, Stomped on Windshield For No Apparent Reason

Detectives were scratching their heads after they watched dash cam video of a man committing an unusual crime in Atlanta.

Footage showed the man rushing toward an unsuspecting driver, before leaping onto the hood of the car and stomping the windshield. It happened Monday as  the woman was leaving a grocery store parking lot. The suspect darted toward her car seemingly out of nowhere.

The woman said she does not know the man who shattered her windshield, police said. She drove off to get away from him and turned the video over to Atlanta police, according to officials.

Police said the woman uses a dashboard camera for insurance purposes because her job requires her to drive her personal vehicle for work.

The woman told officers the most important thing is that physically she's alright, especially when you consider what his intentions could have been.

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