Man Charged With Stashing Body Under House Floor

Landlord charged with first-degree murder in a Hialeah killing

Family members for days looked for Jose Allegre Rodriguez and police eventually found him dead and buried under the floor of his home. But someone else was suspiciously missing -- Rodriguez's landlord Nestor Garcia.

Police finally caught up with Garcia on Wednesday in Boca Raton and have charged him with killing Rodriguez.

On July 1, after Hialeah police found Rodriguez's decomposing body, neighbors told investigators that the last time they saw Rodriguez, he was in in a heated argument with Garcia over Garcia's young wife.

Garcia and his wife lived directly across the street from the home Rodriguez was renting from the couple. Neighborhood rumors swirled that the two had been having an affair behind the landlord's back. The woman denied the allegations and police named Garcia only as a person of interest for questioning, but Garcia disappeared

Police have not revealed what evidence they have to charge garcia with first-degree murder.

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