Man Murdered in New York Had Odd Marriage: Report

Sex games, fake breasts and death threats part of Novack Jr.'s holy union

Sex games, fake breasts and death threats were just some of the ingredients in the wild marriage of a South Florida businessman found dead in a New York hotel on July 12.

A 2002 Fort Lauderdale police report details the troubled union of Ben Novack Jr. and his wife Narcy after a bizarre home invasion apparently planned by Narcy over seven years ago.

Novack Jr. was found on June 10, 2002, gagged and tied to a leather chair, claiming a group of men robbed him of over $1 million worth of money and belongings. He told police they'd beaten him with a gun and threatened to kill him, according to a report obtained by the Miami Herald.

But he also told police that Narcy, who was present during the robbery, refused to untie him and left him in the chair for over 25 hours. When police arrived at the scene, Novack Jr. refused medical treatment and told police he didn't want marked cop cars or a crimes scene vehicle at his house.

If that wasn't odd enough, the 53-year-old accused Fort Lauderdale police of messing with his marriage, even though his wife admitted to planning the robbery two days later.

And her excuse for tying him up? It was all a sex game, of course, and Narcy decided to take advantage of the situation and rob him while he was incapacitated.

Narcy wasn't completely cruel. She apparently left Novack Jr. a portable urinal while he was tied up so he could go to the bathroom. She told police they both used the urinal at night so they wouldn't wake the family cat on the way to the bathroom.

According to Narcy, Novack Jr. was no angel himself. She told police he had once beaten her, breaking her nose, and took her to a plastic surgeon. She said when she woke up after the surgery, she had new breast implants.

Also, according to the report, Narcy showed police what she said were Novack Jr.'s personal collection of odd pornographic photos, including naked women with artificial limbs, and threatened to expose Novack Jr.'s intimate secrets. He agreed not to press charges against his wife.

Despite all the turmoil, Novack Jr. and Narcy were still together when they travelled to a convention in Rye Town in suburban New York two weekends ago. Novack Jr. was found bludgeoned to death in the couple's hotel room. Narcy said she found him after she returned from breakfast.

Novack Jr. is the son of Miami Beach Fontainebleau founder Ben Novack Sr.

Police in Rye Town are still investigating the murder, though no arrests have been made.

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