Man Selling Fake Watches Arrested By Undercover Miami-Dade Detective

A man has been arrested for selling counterfeit Rolex watches after he offered to sell some to an undercover Miami-Dade detective.

According to the arrest report, an independent investigator who is specially trained by brands to identify counterfeit merchandise notified a Miami-Dade detective that Victor Skorokhod, 32, was selling fake Rolex watches on the app OfferUp.

The detective and the investigator worked undercover to meet with Skorokhod at a Target parking lot located in North Miami Beach, according to the report.

Skorokhod showed the two men a total of eight watches, including seven "Rolex" watches and one "Richard Millie."

According to the report, he said the Rolex watches were available for $200 each and the Richard Millie for $600. He also allegedly said the watches were "triple A copies," or as close to the originals as possible.

For the detective and investigator, this was as much a confirmation as they needed that the watches were fake, and they proceeded to arrest Skorokhod, according to the report.

He was taken to jail on one count of selling counterfeit labels.

The investigator determined that if the the watches had been real, they would have had a retail value of $335,350.

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