Brian Hamacher

Man Shot at Girlfriend at Motel: Miami Police

A man was arrested for shooting at his girlfriend after a police officer overheard an argument and a gunshot at a Little Havana motel Wednesday.

Johnathan Colon, 23, was taken into custody at the San Juan Motel at 2390 Southwest 8th Street, Miami Police officials said.

Police haven't said what exact charges he'll face.

Officials said an officer happened to be at the motel investigating another incident when he heard the loud argument and the gunshot.

The officer saw a woman and toddler run out of a room. The woman said her boyfriend, Colon, had shot at her, police said.

Colon was taken into custody. Officers found a 9MM Glock firearm, casing and projectile, as well as several baggies of crack cocaine, police said.

The motel was recently in the news after a 2-year-old boy was found in one of the rooms sleeping and alone and surrounded by drugs, according to police.

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