Man Tried to Interact With Child Multiple Times: Hollywood Police

UPDATE: Hollywood Police said they found the man and determined he had no criminal intentions.

Hollywood Police are looking for a man who they say tried to interact with a one-year-old child on several occasions.

The man was seen at a home on Polk Street over the weekend, lingering and acting suspiciously, Hollywood Police said Wednesday.

Surveillance cameras captured the man knocking on the door of the home where the child lives, during his third attempt to talk with the child, police said. The homeowner demanded that he leave the property.

The child's mother, who didn't want to be identified, said the man showed up at a yard sale on Saturday.

"He didn't stop to see any of the items at the garage sale. He just walked straight toward the back of the garage which is where we were sitting in the shade," she said.

The woman said the man didn't say anything for two minutes and just kept looking at her two-year-old daughter.

 "He just kept peering over my shoulder, I was like 'if you're not here to buy anything then you need to leave.' Then my demeanor changed drastically obviously," she said.

She said the man left - but drove up and down her street a few times. Then Sunday he was back. She explained he wasn't welcome and to get off her property and he left, but said one thing that alarmed her before he did.

"I asked him several times to leave and he just kept staring at me. Like no words again. Then when he finally left he drove up the street one more time and when he drove back down he was like 'bye,' and he said my daughter's name. Like twice," she said.

The man allegedly showed up again Monday afternoon, forcing the mother to call the police who are now asking for the public's help.

"I really want to make this clear. He did not try and grab my daughter, he did not try to push me or push through me or aggressive," she said. "For all I know this could be an elderly gentleman that's misled or off his meds or God knows."

Police described the suspect as a white male about 50-65 years old. He is balding and wears glasses and was driving a beige GMC.

Anyone who knows anything about the man is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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