Man Wanted For Murder in Naranja, Police Concerned For His Girlfriend

Police sirens flash behind a strip of crime scene tape.

Police are looking for the shooter in a murder investigation in Naranja and are concerned for his girlfriend after more than a month since they disappeared and since she left her baby behind.

Miami-Dade police say if you see this man, use caution, they consider him armed and dangerous.

“There is an arrest warrant for the subject,” Detective Angel Rodriguez from MDPD said. “His name is Joshua Campos.”

Miami-Dade Police
Joshua Campos

The 20 year-old is wanted for second degree murder in connection to a homicide last month in Naranja.

 Detectives say Campos shot and killed 26 year-old Demetrius Harris.

“There had been an ongoing neighbor dispute and on this day, the dispute escalated and the subject left his apartment and shot the victim, Rodriguez said. 

Police say the dispute was between Campos’ girlfriend and her family.

After Campos allegedly murdered Harris, investigators say Campos fled the scene abruptly with his girlfriend Maxine McCord, leaving their one year-old with family members.

“It is totally unusual and it is one of the reasons it concerns us because we understand particularly a mother would not just run and leave her child behind,” Rodriguez said.

As detectives work to find Campos, they are also concerned about his 19 year old girlfriend and her well-being.

“The detectives want to make sure she is safe and if she is safe be able to obtain info from her part about what happened in this case,” Rodruiguez said.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 1 866 471-TIPS(8477).

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