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South Florida Man Wants Answers After Crash Killed Girlfriend

"How can somebody be free three months after they've killed somebody and have caused so much pain in other people's lives."

It's been almost four months since a crash claimed the life of a Miami woman and seriously injured her boyfriend.

Dillon Angulo, 27, and Naibel Benavides Leon, 22, were standing outside of their truck parked off Card Sound Road when they were hit by a car.

The video from a Monroe County deputy's body worn camera shows rescue efforts to save Angulo, who was lying unconscious with blood around him.

"Look at me, look at me," a paramedic can be heard telling him.

The impact of the crash threw Benavides Leon into the bushes - where she was found by paramedics minutes later. She died after being transported to the hospital.

Dillon says he spent weeks in the hospital with serious injuries.

"They thought I was going to die at one point," said Angulo during an exclusive interview with NBC 6. "It's been rough."

He says he had a traumatic brain injury that has affected his memory. He says he doesn't remember the crash. But he remembers when he was told weeks later about the crash and that his girlfriend had died.

"At that moment finding out that my girlfriend passed away and I was in a severe accident was devastating," he said. "I was just overwhelmed with sadness."

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash - which happened where Card Sound Road intersects with County Road 905, a popular route for people travelling to the Keys.

According to the FHP accident report, the driver of a 2019 Tesla Model S ran through a stop sign, a flashing red stop light and knocked down a traffic sign all before colliding into the couple, whose truck was parked 40 feet off the road.

The driver, George McGee from Boca Raton, can be heard on the body worn camera that he was driving in "cruise."

McGee could be referring to an optional feature that Tesla promotes on its website called "Traffic Aware Cruise Control," which allows the car to maintain a safe distance from the car in front.

It's one of many autopilot features that could come with the Tesla S. Others include automatic breaking and lane control.

FHP is investigating what if any autopilot features were in use at the time of the crash.

McGee can also be heard telling police he took his hands off the wheel to pick up a phone he dropped.

"I reached down, I didn't see it and when I popped up, I saw a black truck just happened so fast," he said.

McGee was allowed to leave the crash site that night without getting a ticket even though the police report lists that he operated the vehicle in a "reckless or aggressive manner."

He wasn't tested for alcohol or drugs either. FHP declined to comment on why and any other details of the crash saying the investigation is ongoing.

Angulo says he is angry because McGee hasn't faced any consequences.

"How can somebody be free three months after they've killed somebody and have caused so much pain in other people's lives," Angulo said. "To me, that's not right."

His attorney Rob Pelier echoes Angulo's frustration.

"It's a slap in the face to these victims," he said. "Mr. McGee's conduct that evening was not only remarkably selfish, irresponsible, reckless and in my belief, it was criminal."

The family of Benavides Leon declined to speak with NBC 6 but their lawyer, Todd Poses, wrote in a statement "they remain resolute and determined in their efforts to ensure both criminal and civil justice are served."

The Monroe County State Attorney hasn't filed any charges against McGee but said it recently met with FHP to discuss the crash.

McGee declined our request for an interview but his lawyer said it was a tragic accident and that their thoughts are with the families.

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