From Online to Storefront: ‘La Tiendecita' Tributes the 3-0-5

When Martha Valdes started making t-shirts four years ago, she never imagined her brand would take off so quickly. Her online shop, Martha of Miami, became well known for its unique designs. So much so, in August Valdes decided to open a brick and mortar store, La Tiendecita.

"Anyone who is from Miami that is Latino I think the brand resonates with them because I've had young kids that laugh at the shirts and the sayings and the ‘cuban bred,’ Valdes said. “And then I have the abuelos that come in here and they think it's hilarious the ‘raised on croquetas.”

Sandwiched between "La Vaquita" Farm Stores and a pawn shop in the heart of Westchester, La Tiendecita is as Miami as you can get. From the art deco shop design to the domino tiles on the roof, Valdes calls the store her tribute to Miami.

"I'm Cuban and I feel that I'm representing my culture and my people, but I've had Venezuelans, Colombians, and Mexicans, everybody here. People tell me I'm not Cuban but I love this 'cuban bred' shirt and I'm going to wear this."

The Martha of Miami shop wouldn't be complete without a ventanita, also known as a cafecito window.

Valdes plans to sporadically serve fresh cafecito at different hours of the day. (Hint hint: 3:05 is one of the times.)

La Tiendecita opens Tuesday through Sunday and is located at 8827 SW 40th St, Miami, FL. For a look at all the merchandise click here.

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