Fort Lauderdale beach

Meet the 17-Year-Old Drummer Who Played Onstage With the Killers

It was the moment Jayson Verebay had been training for.

For weeks he had been drilling the drum section of every song from his favorite band, the Killers.

And, amongst a sea of fans, on the shores of Fort Lauderdale Beach, Verebay was given the chance to have his work pay off.

The Killers were headlining Riptide Music Festival. In between sets, the band asked Verebay to come on stage and play the drums for their song "For Reasons Unknown".

"I was like, this actually isn't happening. I couldn't believe it," Verebay says.

As soon as the 17-year-old American Heritage marching band member began pounding the cymbals, the crowd went wild.

“The sea of people - it just felt so immense. The way I’ve come to describe it, you know how runners get a runner’s high? I got like a drummer’s high. That’s the best way that I can describe the feeling," Verebay says.

The teen drummer absolutely killed it. And now is viral sensation.

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