Miami: A Great Place to Get Old and Wrinkly

Miami ranks 13th among prime retiree options. Look out South Beach

Young whipper snappers, get out of the way. Grandma and grandpa are coming through.

Money Magazine released its top 25 Retirement Cities list and Miami comes in 13th among locations where old people should set up shop.

While it should come as no surprise that a Florida city would be high on retirees' destination preferences, Miami has spent years building an invisible anti-old people wall around the Magic City to keep its place among the hippest destinations in the world.

Times are a changing, says Money Magazine, which touts the numerous amounts of annual festivals and cheap real-estate possibilities as a reason retirees should break the walls down.

We think it's the Stephen Ross effect. The Dolphins owner has shown you can be old and still get jiggy with it. (Did we just say jiggy?) Besides we hear Club Liv and other South Beach hot spots might start offering senior citizen discounts at the velvet rope.

We can just imagine seeing retirees fresh from cleaning up at bingo night popping bottles next to Flo Rida and DJ Khaled in the VIP.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma tops the retiree Mecca list and only one other Florida city, Port Charlotte, made the cut.

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