Miami Beach Continues Construction on Renovated Convention Center

Crews continue their work inside the brand new Miami Beach Convention Center, with construction on the $600 million project around halfway complete.

Mayor Philip Levine, alongside project director Maria Hernandez and Clark Construction Group, took the media inside as crews work to finish a 60,000 square foot ballroom with an outside terrace and balcony views as well as several exhibit spaces.

“It's got something for everyone and it's not just a game changer for Miami Beach,” Levine said. “It's a game changer for South Florida.”

The renovations project aims to please with top of the line features. Due to recent heavy rains, some of the temporary roof and dry wall was impacted - costing the project $450,000.

“There was some temporary roofing that had withstood other storms, but not what we got last week,” Hernandez said. “But, when we're finished this won't happen.”

The site has been under construction for nearly two years and Mayor Levine is confident the center will bring great revenue to the city.

“What do these people do? They come here during the day, they go to restaurants at night at Lincoln Road and stay in our hotels,” said the mayor. “They generate tremendous bed tax and they're great for our economy. “

“It's over 30 years old and now it's going to be state of art with all the technology a building like this needs to be competitive,” said Hernandez.

The area isn't open to the public unless you have your hard hat on, but they're expecting it to be ready by fall of next year.

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