Miami Beach Police Evaluating Street Security After Barcelona Van Attack

Officers are on "appropriate alert" after the attack, chief says

Miami Beach Police officials are evaluating their security measures on Lincoln Road and other high-volume pedestrian areas in the wake of Thursday's deadly van attack in Barcelona.

In a statement Friday, Police Chief Daniel Oates said officers are on "appropriate alert" after the attack in Barcelona, which left at least 13 dead and 100 wounded.

"As a matter of policy, we do not discuss specific security measures," Chief Oates said. "Our officers are on appropriate alert because of the events in Europe."

Chief Oates said plans have been in the works to permanently upgrade physical security on Lincoln Road and Espanola Way, but they're also considering interim, temporary measures.

Workers on Lincoln Road said within a short time they saw more officers out along the pedestrian mall. They said the good thing is that the large trees and low walls containing plants would make it more difficult for someone to drive across a wide path there.

"It's a possibility something could happen on Lincoln Road," worker Flor Rodriguez said. "It's a possibility anywhere because you don't know, that's why the terrorist want you to feel."

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