Miami Beach Robbery Suspect Not Connected to ‘Creeper' Case: Police

After questioning a Miami Beach robbery suspect, police have determined that he is not connected to the case of the "creeper" accused of sexually assaulting multiple women across Miami-Dade county since last April.

Miami Beach police arrested 25-year-old Marlon Gamez in connection with a robbery at 1604 Drexel Avenue on Sunday. His method was similar to that of the suspected creeper, who has gained entry into women's homes as they lie asleep in their beds.

In one incident, a woman woke up to find the suspect standing near her bed. He took off when the victim went to call police.

Miami Beach police spent at least 12 hours examining the apartment, but determined that Gamez was not the individual wanted in other cases.

Gamez is accused of breaking into the victim's apartment around 4 a.m. on Saturday and removing the covers off of her.

According to a police report, the victim screamed and Gamez ran out of the rear door of the apartment.

Gamez told police he entered the house through an unlocked front door, then turned off the lights and television to hide himself. He also admitted to police that he had watched the victim six other times before finally entering her apartment.

Gamez was arrested and taken into custody. It is not known whether he has hired an attorney.

The suspected Coral Gables creeper is wanted in at least a dozen cases across Miami-Dade county, most of which took place in Coral Gables.

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