Miami-Dade Teacher “Skip Day” By the Numbers

A quarter of Miami's teachers didn't work Monday

Not since the swine flu epidemic have Miami-Dade classrooms been so empty.

Just how empty, you ask? Take a look at these numbers released by Miami-Dade Schools on all the teachers who decided to participate in a "sick out" to protest a possible new way they get paid.

Apparently, elementary school teachers are the most frustrated with the potential merit pay bill, which passed last week.

Only four of the 46 teachers at Wesley Matthews Elementary school showed up for work Monday. That percentage is similar to Village Green Elementary, where 31 of 34 teachers decided it would be a nice day to stay home and boycott.

Take a look at the rest of the Miami-Dade schools who suffered from a bout with teacher anger today. The first number signifies how many teachers did not show up for work.

Miami Lakes K-8
7 OUT OF 49

Jose Marti Middle School
34 OUT OF 52

Wesley Matthews Elem.
42 OUT OF 46

Oliver Hoover Elem.
6 OUT OF 72

Village Green Elem.
31 OUT OF 34

Jane S. Roberts ELEM
35 OUT OF 78

Zora Neale Hurston ELEM
34 OUT OF 64

Joe Hall ELEM
33 OUT OF 57

Bent Tree ELEM
27 OUT OF 46

Greenglade ELEM
34 OUT OF 44

Royal Green ELEM
51 OUT OF 63

Sweetwater ELEM
61 OUT OF 68

Ethel K. Bethem ELEM
2 OUT OF 52

Coral Park Elem
44 OUT OF 78

Carlos Finley ELEM
37 OUT OF 44

Shenandoah MIDDLE
54 OUT OF 73

Dante Fascell ELEM
28 OUT OF 41

Palmetto Middle
37 OUT OF 72

Meadowlane Elem.
56 OUT OF 81

95 OUT OF 188

46 OUT OF 78

35 OUT OF 58

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