Miami-Dade Students Learning to Protect Online Reputation

October is Digital Citizenship month and Miami-Dade County Public Schools plan to, once again, teach students how to use social media responsibly.

A campaign called "Think Before You Click" is about to kick off next month at schools across the county for a third consecutive year.

"We know that on social media a lot can be put on there. There is cyber bullying taking place, sexting and we really want to make sure no one is being victimized and no one is being a perpetrator," said Daisy Gonzalez-Diego, district official.

Students will have the chance to participate in a contest and submit digital citizenship videos.

This week, the school district released last year's winning entry which shows a teen gil being harassed by male students after a nude photo she sent to a boy is shared all over school.

"One bad decision is a make it or break it move. I think an exact advice would be think twice," said student Carolina Espinal.

Whether at school or at home, protecting your online reputation is important.

Some social media tips school officials hope students will remember include: using appropriate content, saying no to cyber bullying and being image conscious.

"Be careful what you post. There's a digital footprint. What you post is there forever. So, there is no such thing as erasing a post, what you post will always be there," warned Espinal.

According to school board officials, digital training is available for teachers and administrators.

Parents can also join in on the initiative. Click on this link for more information.

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