Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization Votes Against Palmetto Bay Bridge

A controversial proposal to put a bridge in Palmetto Bay was voted down at a meeting Thursday.

The Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization voted against the project which would have put a bridge on Southwest 87th Avenue, one of the major north-south corridors in southeast Miami-Dade that runs through Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay.

Some thought it would ease traffic, but others weren't convinced.

"I'm so relieved this has been stopped. My home is my life and my neighborhood is so precious to me and this, we preserved peace, and that's how everything has to work in the city, we can't just spread misery, we must preserve peace," said Ineska Stojsic, who was opposed to the bridge.

Cutler Bay Mayor Peggy Bell, who was in favor of the project, continued to advocate for more people using bicycles and public transportation.

"It is what it is, we lick our wounds and we go home and we do everything we can to get everyone on the rail which is what we advocate and we certainly agree 100 percent on that," Bell said.

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