Miami-Dade Woman Accused of Attempting to Extort Man, Lying to Police

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A woman has been charged with extortion, making threats, and resisting an officer without violence after police say she tried to extort a man out of $1,500 by claiming he raped her.

Maria Orceromartinez appeared before a Miami-Dade County Judge on Thursday.

According to the arrest report, Orceromartinez told police that she invited the victim to her apartment on Sept. 25.

She claimed the victim drugged her, performed oral sex on her, then raped her. She told police she was unconscious until 9 a.m. the next morning.

But the victim said it was consensual, according to the police report. He provided police with a WhatsApp message that he sent to a friend that night. 

Police say the suspect could be heard in the background in a joyful voice saying, “He can’t go with you, because he’s with me.”

The report states the victim also had pictures of the suspect smiling and posing with money at the time she said she was unconscious. 

The victim told police that after he left her apartment, Orceromartinez texted him, demanding $1,500. 

Police say Orceromartinez said she would call police and say he had raped her. She then allegedly sent a picture of her bank account number, according to the police report.

In bond court, the suspect claimed that the charges weren’t true and that she was the victim. She admitted to asking the victim for money.

Orceromartinez was still in Miami-Dade jail Thursday night on a $9,500 bond.

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