Miami Dolphins Fire Assistant General Manager Brian Gaine

The Dolphins fired Assistant GM Brian Gaine on Wednesday and then reportedly escorted him out of the building

The Dolphins announced on Wednesday that they had parted ways with assistant GM Brian Gaine. However, the story took an odd twist when the Miami Herald reported Gaine was escorted from the building.

Gaine had been with Miami since 2008 and served as assistant GM since 2012.  As recently as last week, he oversaw the team's scouting at the Senior Bowl.  A new general manager can change things in a hurry though.  A day after Dennis Hickey was introduced as the new GM of the Dolphins; Gaine is out of a job.  According to the Herald report, Gaine and Hickey did not have much communication with one another until the firing on Wednesday.

The reason that Gaine was reportedly escorted from the building instead of being allowed to leave on his own is unclear at this time.  When the team sent out a tweet announcing the dismissal, the Dolphins included the words "mutually agree to part ways.

When former GM Jeff Ireland was fired, the Dolphins also referred to it as a mutual decision and there were no reports at the time of any building escort.

Prior to his dismissal, Gaine was one of the men in the running to take over as general manager for Miami.  Now, he will need to seek employment elsewhere in the NFL which according to the Herald should not prove to be difficult.  A league source is quoted in the report as saying Gaine could "have a job in two days max".  

Gaine's replacement with the Dolphins remains a mystery as of now.  Hickey is likely to look for a name that he has a history with, as he tries to build his own hierarchy in Miami.

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