Miami Fire Rescue 911 Dispatchers Celebrated During Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week

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The city of Miami Fire Rescue team of 911 dispatchers is being celebrated this week for their contributions to the community as part of National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week.

Although people might not see them, their job is crucial to getting people the help they need when they’re in an emergency.

"There’s a strong dedicated group of people behind the scenes that provide that information to first responders," Emergency Dispatch Supervisor Jacqueline Samuel said. "We need to be effective and professional for that person that is experiencing the emergency."

Samuel said the team works hard to make sure they are sending the right team with enough resources to attend to a person experiencing an emergency
the best way possible.

“We have many different types of trucks and apparatus and equipment on each them so based on what you tell us is what we send you,” she said.

She also shared some tips about what to do when you're on a 911 call:

  • Cooperate with your operator and provide the most accurate address to get your help quickly and phone number in case anything changes.
  • Help by letting them know as precisely as possible what type of emergency you’re having.
  • Stay calm and alert
  • You might think your 911 call is taking too long – help is on the way pretty quickly after pick up.

Samuel mentioned that for the Miami Fire Rescue, accuracy is key and time is ticking.

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