Miami Gets Green High School

Eco-school opening soon

A one-of-a-kind school is being built in Miami and for prospective students, the future is green.

The unnamed school, set to open in August near Kendall, utilizes a wealth of green ideas to help save money and the environment.

From organic floor tiles to window shutters that keep out direct sunlight but allow natural light to save on electricity, this school is a big green machine.

Moisture from air conditioners is used to water landscaping around the school grounds and the building is positioned so the classrooms don't get too hot under the broiling Miami sun.

The school's architect says they'll be able to recoup the costs of the green measures in about three or four years, though he's even more excited about the long-term effects.

"When you think about the lifetime of a school like this, which should be 40 or 50 years and maybe 100 years, the maintenance costs and the savings in  electricity and water consumption over that time is going to be tremendous," architect Victor Alonzo said.

The school itself will have a green curriculum, working as an environmental magnet school that builds eco-minded citizens.

The green school's principal thinks her school is ahead of its time.

"Oh my gosh. Am I excited," principal Carrie Montano said. "The future is here. Let's face it."

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