Miami Heat Fans Wait in Long Lines for Championship Merchandise

Several printing shops worked throughout the night to produce Miami Heat championship merchandise as fans waited in long lines Friday to be the first to own the new gear.

Shirts, hats and other gear was flying off the shelves of sporting goods stores early Friday in Miami-Dade and Broward, hours after the Heat sealed their Game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

"Yes, we're like super excited here! I mean everywhere I go everyone's honking, they see the shirt, they're like yes we won," said Miami Heat fan, Dionne Dearing.

Thursday night, 1,000 t-shirts with the words, “Peace, Love and Champions” were printed in Doral to be sold at the American Airlines Arena Friday.

The shirts, which have an exclusive design, will begin to be sold at 9 a.m.

But even if the design is not exclusive, fans are waiting long lines to have a shirt or hat that will remind them of the historic win.

Miami Heat fan, Sidney Jean-Philippe was first in line at the Midtown Sports Authority. He waited more than three hours Friday.

"I have been here since 5:20 this morning and I'm also waiting on the black locker room hats," Jean-Philippe said. "That's what we do. champions they stay up, they party hard when they win, and that's what it is, team no sleep."

Miami Heat merchants and retailers are expected to continue having high volumes of sales throughout the day.

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